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    1. Like you idiots have heard of ” Beery ” what the fuck is that ? retard speak? Oh, look!! Dave is looking a little BEERY tonight…? BEERY ? are you serious? ….Poor contestant, they were just fuckin with the guy! Imagine what the 2nd question would have been like….lol ok, 2nd Question… What part of the body is commonly referred to as the “DingleDonger” is it.
      A) the earlobe.
      B) a womans left foot.
      C) the bellybutton.
      D) the skin area under your chin.

      I mean…WTF? 😉 Enjoy.

    2. it’s a deductive-reasoning question, h. camper. you don’t need to be intimately familiar with the word, “beery,” to answer it. “inebriated,” sure as hell, isn’t going be from:
      -watery; or

      also, your analogy question–fail.

    3. i never heard of beery either but that would still be my guess cause “slightly inebriated” has to do more with alcohol then anything else on that bored come on now its common sense :\

    1. Yup, same here… and sounds pretty easy for them those kind of questions, but, for example, if someone asks ‘what are the ‘mañanitas’?’ in Mexico EVERYONE will laugh if you dare to give a wrong answer. So it really depends on the place we are living.

    1. StalkingAFag i didn’t ask for your gay comment. Its not funny that you’re living, go kill yourself with a pen

  1. The guys may have a lack of common sense, but definitely not a fail. I wouldn’t have got either of those right, but then I’m from the UK.

    1. I would have guessed beery because inebriated is a term used for being under the influence of drugs and beery was the only thing that could fit there but I have never in my life heard that term used before.

    2. I got agree with slim, beery its more closely to slang than to formal languaje, so it was contingent if he knew it or not, and 15 seconds is not enough to analyze each word.
      Anyway the shame on hes face was priceless, he almost cryed LOL

    1. DDB is a virus. He wants to get everyone pissed off and upset at him. Too stupid to realize attention in a bad way is still bad. Probably a spoiled only child with no friends.

  2. Why are there so many stupid people in this world? God it’s like these two retards on Millionaire have the IQ of DDB…

  3. as fare as the first guy he looks like the type that would be into many more joly good felows. the second guy i never hurd of beery eather but the smart money was on beery.

  4. It doesn’t matter that nobody’s ever heard of “Beery,” or if it’s completely made up. If you no what “inebriated” means, you’ll put it together. He said “I’ve never heard of that,” he must have been talking about “inebriated,” not “beery.” If he’d heard of “inebriated,” it would have been either “jello shotty” or “beery.” What a fucking stupid set of answers.

    1. how do u not hear the word inebriated in america i mean common i knew what it meant by 15

  5. Ugh.

    Why are you guys arguing about it??

    Also, the second dude looks so mortified like…”I’m…not….going…to….cry…”

  6. so if happy birthday end with ‘and many more’ which veersion am i listening to? we dont sing it with that… do the americans have a different verson then?

  7. chris went home and killed himself later that night. the other guy now sings jolly good fellow to himself in the corner of his padded room in the insanity ward, adding “and many more” to every line to make up for his complete retardedness.

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