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    1. First to fuck her? Nah man, that girl barely has any tread left on her tire, at this point it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

    1. And I’ll bet her lips aren’t filled with collagen, they’re just swollen from all the blow-jobs she does on a daily basis.

    2. That’s why she is wearing those googles, to keep the constant gobs of flying seamen from her eyes.

  1. I JUST DON’T GET the girl-chav obsession with having ORANGE SKIN – THEY SEEM TO LOVE LOOKING ORANGE. double that with the bad make-up and ‘I WANNABE A WAG’ glasses and you indeed have a girl in need of direction.

  2. FAIL That’s what happens to you pale white mutherfuckers get lmao since when is it sexy to be orange. CRAKER CRAKER CRAKER CRAKER

  3. I like black girls and I love her hair. Black girls that are attracted to white guys try to make themselves seem a little white by wearing weaves, wigs, or having their hair relaxed and bleached like the girl in the picture. I married a black girl and we have kids so I know how these girls are and they are marvelous. Perhaps not to a KKK member but maybe an ex KKK member like me.

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