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  1. I love the way that nobody gives a shit about the kid until he shouts “I’m bleeding” then one other kids stands up and gets his camera phone out! lmao!

    1. Camera Phone? All phones have cameras these days. He took it out to call an ambulance.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA im bleeding out my fucking balls dude! that kid is twelve how the fuck did he learn that shit. only adults like us can say bitch damn ass and hell.

  3. omg i feel so bad for this kid.. he prolly just lost the chance to have kids of his own.. nd for as younge as he is.. this is incredable!! i dont think theres many kids this guys age who r that fucking good… this kids ligit

    1. Exactly! I watched the video over 20 times to see what actually happened and nothing hit is balls. It looked like maybe he busted his wrist and that was bleeding..But c’mon…No ball hit there.

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