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    1. After hearing that little bitch scream & crying, I doubt he had much of a chance to begin with.

    2. wtf carella?? I seriously doubt that you would have simply stood in silence after having ur balls smashed like that (the collision even broke the skateboard in half). So don’t call him a “little bitch” u pathetic online “thug” gangster wannabe.

    3. Look up Frank Bunce – Torn Scrotum on google. He’s a New Zealand rugby player from back in the day who had his nut sack ripped open during a game and kept on playing.

    4. I can also assure you that if you truly get hit square in the balls, you are not getting up and running around. You are down on the ground and not getting up.

    5. Eric and Carella, you both are the biggest online retads, I’ve ever seen! serious there is no differnce between saying sh.t or yelling what ever noise out lound, That would have hurt like hell. Let me Kick you both in the balls and lets see how you react? loosers!!

  1. He actually landed it and the board broke. Then the broken edge of the skateboard stabbed him in the balls! SkateBOARD fail!

    1. SKATER FAIL? well haha – lets see you as a young dude who gets his SCROTUM RIPPED OPEN?! haha, yeah i’m sure you would be laughing. SKATER WIN for attempting the stairs, would have rolled away if the board didn’t brake too.

      Filmed and skated that spot a few weeks before 9/11 too. tough luch, split the sack. at least he wasn’t sitting at home on the x-box, eh?

    2. Zero, a skater win would be if he lands the jump, not if he shoves a skateboard up his ass. But you consider having things shoved up your ass a win.

    3. Doing the jump was impressive. I sure as shit couldn’t do that…even when I used to skate. If you read my first comment V you would see I said SKATEBOARD FAIL. The jump was a win and the landing was win but the board broke. Now I don’t know how I would react if my balls got stabbed by a broken skateboard flying through the air but I wouldn’t be such a huge bitch about it. Then again, when I was 12….

    4. “SKATER WIN for attempting the stairs, would have rolled away if the board didn’t brake too.” -V
      “at no point chaotic cock, did i say this was a win. learn to read, or just learn?” -V

      LOL AT YOU!

    5. Damn zero, you even caps locked it, what a fuckin douche. So zero, who needs to learn to read or just learn now?


    7. Sorry V I shouldn’t have called you out. I had no idea you are actually mentally retarded. I feel bad now.

  2. ahahahahaha i wouldnt want to have such fucked up friendships, no one did anything when they saw him screaming like crazy lol, everyone was like just staring at him…retards haha

    1. they scream everytime… and then after a few seconds its over. but this boy… holy crap! 🙂 i hope he will be a lucky womon in future! damn!

  3. This is a prime example of evolution at work. Reckless tendencies is counterproductive to the survival of the species. He cuts his nuts open doing something stupid and now he can’t dilute the gene pool. Darwin would be proud…

    1. You’re not talking about Mr. Charles Darwin right? The Man who married his own cousin?

  4. Skater fail for doing something stupid.
    Skater win for landing it
    Skater fail for breaking his bloody board
    Board fail for breaking and nailing him in the nuts
    Skater win can’t get a girl pregnant

    1. you forgot friends fail
      his friends just sat there exept one, but he only got up and took out his cell phone after the skater said “my fucking balls are bleeding!!!”


    1. drdeep you fucking ignorant FAGGOT! Next time try to shorten your “LOL” phrases. You are ruining my fucking page resolution, you punk ass!

    1. @ihate; seriously? Ass Clowns are not restricted to the US dumbass. Where there are human beings…there will be EPIC FAILS! America Bashing FAIL!

  6. Saw something like this on a show awhile back called scarred. One of the dude’s balls came out his nutsack. Even if this kid was stupid i wouldnt wish for a deballing like this on anyone. OUCH

  7. LMAO when he screamed ‘i’m bleeding’ the first guy jumps up and whips his phone out to start taking pictures…. lawl!

  8. Something like this happened to my brother when we were kids. He came out of a trick and got credit-carded and it just happened to get his sack and opened him up. It was not good.

  9. Quick question: How is this kid an idiot because his board breaks as he lands an ollie? That’s like saying a driver is stupid when his brakes fail. He wasn’t stupid; he was just very unlucky. I’m sure if you guys saw someone ollie a thirteen-stair set and not have his board break, with no fault of his own, you wouldn’t call him stupid.

    Have any of you stepped onto a skateboard before?

  10. Nowadays kids are stupid as shit. A friend of them just got the hardest pain he´ll probably ever have in his life, and they continue seat down like if nothing had happened. Who needs friends like these???

  11. You’ve got the balls for doing something like this… wait… you don’t…

    Now he can only be a godfather…. MUHAHAHAHAAA!!! XD

  12. haha, i love it how his friends are just sittin there until he says “i’m bleedin” then they all jump up!

  13. (crash) ohhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh…fuck..owwwwwww..i think my balls… fuckin bleeding….IM FUCKING BLEEDING!!!….Im bleeding out my fucking balls dude..(wails)

  14. The kid got what he deserved. All skaters need to just die or grow out of it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him writhe in pain like the retarded sack of useless shit that all skaters are.

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