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  1. fail 1. the driver turned the wrong way backing down.
    fail 2. the car rolled over so goddamn easily.
    fail 3. he knocked a fucking tree over going down that hill!

    1. the magnet that was in his car and the one that was buried in the ground were interfering each other with the same pole, shit happens

  2. I often wonder why people have video cameras on at the oddest moments. “Jim’s about to back the suv down? Hang on, let me grab my cam.”

    1. thats what I was thinking, why were they filming this unless they knew it was gonna fail.

    2. I know this guy and was there 🙂 The reason we were filming was because it was a challenging hill and you can get some good footage of the cars scrambling up the hill. He tried to reverse down to help tow some underpowered cars back up the hill (this video doesn’t really show how steep that track was. And it wasn’t a Toyota, it was a Mitsubishi Pajero (about two years old when it happened).

  3. Looks like he slid into the rut and kinda fishtailed the front end or lost control. Still funny as hell too.

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