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    1. Ok Everyone… This may come as a shock to you all… But!!… Yes, YES indeed, Black People DO have a sense of humor! It’s a fact as depicted by this timeless photo. 😉

  1. he got tired of hearing white people cry about pants sagging so he gave them a taste of their own medicine…now they still complain lmao!!!

  2. Kind of reminds me of how old fokes dress, with their pants higher then their belly button and still think it looks cool.

    1. I SEVERELY doubt any old folks wear their pants to their clavicles because it LOOKS cool. More like feels comfortable.

  3. hahaha! i think he looks awesome !
    at least it’s better then the no good ganster shits with their asses sticking out of their pants.

  4. My interpretation of “If I take some weight I’ll not enter in my pants anymore” take a very new signification for me today..

  5. And you know something he didnt hike up his pants just for the pic. the pant legs are long enough. HAHAHAHHAHAHA he probly thought Steve Urkel was the shit and tried to out do him.

    1. he pulles down his pants maybe? don’t know how you take a pee, but the fact you dont know that you can pull a pants down, really scares me! you mom must hate doing you laundry

  6. fuck you ihate, im sick of seeing you on this website. People like you deserve to jump off a cliff and never bee seen again you bitch

  7. dont see the biggest fail here, they guy who wears his pants on his chest, or the people arguing about fashion, i call it: epic fail for you

  8. I think someone donate Dick Van Dyke’s pants from the penguin dance on Mary Poppins to some sort of charity, and this guy picked them out of the hand-me-down box. How else would you explain how long the crotch/torso section is on those pants?

  9. This is a total WIN. He is like the black Crocodile Dundee. You know he would put a machete in your back if you made fun him. I would hire him. This guy looks way cooler than douche bag Men’s Warehouse troll.

  10. uh, does it occur to anyone that he’s possibly in a third world country, and maybe he can’t afford normal sized pants?

  11. I feel bad for the guy, he probably got that expensive suit and wasnt sure how to wear it but really wanted to show it off.

  12. smart guy !! not only a pants but also a jacket, just in case if weather change, so he can keep his chest warm.

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