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    1. This is considered a good fail to post for idiot consumption? lol, scraping the bottom here guys, let’s try harder k? 😉

  1. So do you get more money by solving the puzzle or letter by letter? I never really watched the show.

  2. I remember that episode. The catagory is “People who annoy you”, I actually had no idea what the answer was going to be, only one word crossed my mind though.

    1. In a toss up round (you can tell by the split screen) the letters appear one by one, so probably not fake.

  3. shit.piss.menstral chunks. ihate will absorb it all! and you’ll be saying holy shit i got ripped off everytime you use it.

  4. This belongs in the intelligence fail section also. Look at the bottom left, they ran out of time before solving the puzzle, the timer is on 0:00

  5. You give us a bad name ihate. Do you just hate black people arbitrarily because your daddy raised you that way, or for any specific reason? I do not like political correctness because it weakens our ability to debate race. So please, stop being an arbitrary racist because it is funny, and, as I said before, I makes us Anglos look bad in the eyes of other races.

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