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    1. thats cause your dog sucks yours everyday…

      mine are smaller cause I empty them in your mum everyday…

  1. Numpty, he should have been on the other side of the car being right handed. Fucking white collar pussy.

  2. He could have just used the other side of the hammer. A lot less surface area. Trust me, I’m a doctor. *sarcasm*

  3. You can clearly see him strike the window with the SIDE of the hammer several times because he’s such a white collar pussy-wipe and has no gripping strength whatsoever. Douche. Additionally, the claw side of the hammer more appropriated for breaking tempered glass.

  4. Was that front window replaced with plexiglas? damn all that work only to bust your finger open. at least he didnt cry like a bitch when he saw the cut.

  5. I bet this is the 1st time this noodle armed sissy has ever even touched a hammer.
    Unless you count the time he crammed it in his corn hole.

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