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    1. no no no no…. what you arn’t seeing is the wicked freaking way too awesome for a picture super slide that u land into after the short drop off lol…… that the fat kid may have very well broken…. damnit

    1. theres no pool its in the ground…part of it was broken off and the bottom of the slide seems to have blown a hole from the inside downwards

  1. “A new president was set today, 300 lawsuits against a local school for their dangerous slide on the playground equipment. This story and more, coming up.”

  2. Cause and effect. Kids who use the short slide end up riding the short bus. And conversely in 1945 (Hitler’s) Germany, kids taking the short bus would end up using a short slide, at the end of which was a gas chamber or nearest cliff.

  3. If I am correct this was taken a couple months ago at JC park Cape Coral Florida.. What you don’t see in the pic is all the entrances to the equipment are closed off and the missing piece of the slide is sitting right there.

  4. It’s obvious the park is new and not all put together. These kind of pictures is what is making this site played out. The real fail should go to the person who put this picture on here.

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