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    1. i understand the fail but i really dont get why the hell he put it there? is this a tattoo fail or an intelligence fail?

    2. hey ihate, next time, maybe you could try not mentioning your love of the chocolate schlong? or maybe you could get a better idea of how to insult someone, like maybe not the “3rd grade edition big book of insults”?

    3. dont worry…it took me about 10 mins to figure out why people were saying that the tattoo was spelled wrong

    4. /facepalm

      it’s supposed to be wish you WERE here…. as in past tense of the verb “to be”

      WHERE is an adverb meaning “at which place”

      /mourns the loss of grammar

  1. not sure? it is a “get it” or “don’t get it” situation lol.
    wishyouwherhere should read wishyouwerehere or “Wish you were here”. Besides being a term of endearment, it is also a line from the lyrics of a Pink Floyd song – probably in this case used for the tattoo.
    Way to kill the joke rob…..

    1. i guess im not as observant i didnt notice the extra “h” i was more confused why he got it on his arm? i would assume that as a guy it would be a sexual innuendo, forgot it was a floyd song

    2. well shoot i though that was deliciously tattooed on the side of a beautiful and sexually appealing young lady….. hmmm back to my day dreams….. O.O

    1. I damn well hope that isn’t a “he”. If “he” got a tattoo saying that he is wishing someone was there. “SLAP!”
      Also looks of more a feminine body. With the left hand covering her boobies.
      Right side of a female torso.

    2. @Chevy I believe that’s a chick not a dude… clues (if it was a dude why didn’t he take his shirt off to take picture, secondly those are some really feminine underwear/pants, also that hand looks pretty girly (you can even see the ring on her finger)

  2. I love tattoo + spelling fails. It’d be great if the guy didn’t notice it for awhile and was proudly showing it off to everyone he met.

  3. Should have been “were” instead of “where.”

    Without spaces its hard to read–wishy ouw here here?

  4. OMG LOL !! Wish you WERE here. They’re just 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl!!!!year after year. LMAO WISH YOU “WHERE” HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bigger fail are the people going ” how is this a fail?”

  5. Also, the idiot who made the tattoo draw all E’s almost like B’s, so we have “WISHYOUWHERBHERB” XD OMG poor girl…

  6. GOD YOU’RE ALL TITS!!!!! its a multi-fail! Morons. Misspelled tattoo, a REALLY stupid tattoo idea, an twice as gay message, and dumb fuck place to put it. This guy is not even a guy.. its a gal, so she’s beyond SLAG! Ultimately the whole bloody thing is a fail beyond words. Now… PLEASE KILL HER!

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