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  1. Again someone couldn’t differentiate a fail from a win. So sad… This is definitely a Boomerang WIN. Please guys, learn what is a fail, please.

  2. No fail here. That is the way the australians aboriginally hunted down females for procreation.

  3. At least she gets props for laughing it off and he gets props for being able to throw a boomerang in the first place 🙂

  4. All this time, I’ve been using the wine and dine chivalry bullshit, when a boomerang gets the girls to bend over faster. From now on, I’m gonna go Aussie on their asses.

    1. You called this a win, a girl who gets hit in the head. I take it that you don’t like girls? Zero, you just admitted you were gay. Just because I don’t stay at home whacking off over skater videos, like you, doesn’t mean I’m desperate.

    2. Uh uh uh, sure.Calling other fags makes you more manly.Weird, last time I checked it just made you a douche.

    1. omifuckingosh!!!! ur so sexest! a lady has a hell of a lot more places than to be in the kitchen makin ur fat ass a samwich!!!

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