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    1. … do i need to mention my count?, whenever i comment, i am first “Because I AM FIRST BITCHES !!!”

    1. well hell if you saw a dude that looked as burnt as that you would freaking hide behide a whale too lol

    1. zOMG Its micheal jackso hes risen from the dead and came back as a white guy wanting to be black everyone hide your kids till this guy dies of prostate cancer

  1. Replete with Douchebag hairstyle, unbuttoned pink shirt, and budget spac shades . He’ll be seeing no woman action on this holiday.

  2. Only one of the atleast looks like a girl(far left). rest i cant tell. is it sad on my part or theirs?

  3. Stupid guidos…if you really wanted to hit on those things that look like girls you should’ve known none likes overdone meat.

  4. What’s that really gay gang sign he’s doing with his left hand?, like “Yo take my picture bro”. Wanker.

  5. Peter Pan fell in some shit and rubbed it all over. What dumb btch, and looking all angry. This photo make Chaka more angry. Tard must have been raised by east coast family of all women. No real father would ever, ever, ever allow this to happen. Must be nice to be stupid and ignorant at the same time.

  6. He’s got a full on douche bag going there. The asshole range tan the white sunglasses. Not a big suprise that the “woman “next to him seems a little less than happy and is drinking. Being in the same room as that douchebag would cause anyone to drink. At least we just get to point and laugh. Ha Ha you fucking douchebag!

  7. Hey! Why go thru all the trouble of laying out in the sun or spending all that money at a tanning salon when you can just whip out the ol’ Kiwi?

  8. That dude is so lame he is what is known as “What an Idiot”. “Mr Cool” looks like Langostino. Someone rub his white ass with a lemon.

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