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    1. Well FIRST, when you sit down you take a normal 4 legged chair and turn it upside down. Then YOU slowly slide one leg of the chair into your anus. You receive a great deal of pleasure from this and that is why you are gay.

    2. wow, this guy’s pretty cool guy. anytime you want cool guy, i will be your bitch because this guy is FIRST comment guy! wow…. seriously..what a guy.

  1. the realy sad thing is that one of them are fictional and another one is fuckin’ REAL…what is more depressing is that i rly cant tell that which one is fictional!

  2. This picture makes me want to claw my eyes out.

    There’s a girl I grew up with who looked like this only uglier..I saw her the other day, she is a very unattractive woman.

  3. not too cool to out-right bully someone, what if she sees the pic here? poor girl. she’ll grow up slim down and use some make-up. bullying of any kind is pretty fucking weak even for laughs, that girls feelings could really be hurt.


      ear-kink, tooth work, aging around the eyes, chin crease and a computer geek (yes, another one) with toooo much time.

      EPIC FAIL – FAIL. nothing to see here move along.

    2. trust me it’s not photoshopped the girl goes to my school and she looks the same…. just older

  4. How is looking like the penguin from batman a win? That guy is fugly.
    Also, that kid needs to start listening to her parents more.

    1. It’s a Resemblance Win, read the caption… she wins at resembling the penguin but defiantely epic beauty fail…..

  5. awww poor child 🙁 i feel sorry 4 her, cos that really is a face only a mother could love 🙁

    1. you kidding? mom dropped her as down a well so the penguins could raise her too!!

  6. Damn thats bad. Fucked up teeth eyes and everything. HEY did penguin breed with one of his minions? would probly explain this existence.

  7. anyone notice the creepy guy(santa?) in the corner? and she looks a bit like she has splatter on her face from him or something?

  8. That girl is mikayla nicole cimino!! haha thats o fucking funny i know her she goes to my school she looks even worse now fb her

  9. hahahahahah omg my friend just posted this on facebook and we realized its a picture of this girl that goes to my school that no one likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahah she is sooooo mad its on here!!!!!!!!!!

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