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    1. i hate it when ppl try to capitalize on someone who realizes saying theyre first is gay so they post a comment underneath the actual person who posted first just to say theyre first when in actuality it looks like theyre second

    1. xD indeed.

      BTW: the picture quality isn’t that good. Has nothing to do with racial backgrounds if you ask me.

    2. The picture quality is fine… it’s a passport picture, not a magazine cover. Frankly, in reading the letter and looking at the picture, I’d say he took great care to supply a picture that meets the specifications. It’s just… well hell… maybe it’s not… “malicious” (or maybe it is…) but this for DAMN sure has a thing or two to do with racial background, lol… I mean… duh!

    3. I dunno but you can see his t-shirt, its yellowish.
      OK, the whole scan quality isn’t that good….

      They have surely guidelines for the passport image. Never mind if the picture is too dark (underexposed), too red, too yellow, too white (overexposed), too bad or god knows what.

      It were racial for me when they wrote the PERSON or his face on this image is too yellow. But they wrote only the (whole) IMAGE is too yellow.

      What’s wrong about this? Nothing if you ask me.
      But who knows the background about this letter. xD

    4. Just throwing this out there, the outlined text is slightly larger than the rest of the text. His shirt does have yellow parts on it, like someone highlighted it and went outside the lines. The picture is clearly scanned onto the letter because it’s not centered, it’s tilted. Although slightly funny, I would say this is photoshopped, kinda badly too.

    5. the yellow on his shirt might be light reflecting off his skin cause it IS in the collar…

  1. well I think this is really racist, I mean don’t they know chinese people are yellow? however I still think he should take another photo where his eyes would be opened, not closed like in this one

    1. however I still think he should take another photo where his eyes would be opened, not closed like in this one


      This comment is a WIN!!!

  2. Are you kidding me…. Asians folks are fucking YELLLOW… and they are also very bad drivers…. and smell bad too… like onions.. a yellow onion..

    1. yeah and they would kick your fucking ass mate and they make some bad ass movies you racist little cunt!!!!!!

    2. DUDE I wonder what nationality you are better yet what is your skin color? Cause I bet you I can rib on you so bad that you will cry to you mama and try to suck on her tittie for comfert! Oh and I bet you love to eat chinese food huh.. I mean who doesn’t?! So you can lick my left and right yellow balls! K go play in traffic and dont wake up wit a yellow dick in your ass and mouth ^_^

  3. I don’t think this was a racist letter, I just think whoever sorted this out at the agency was an idiot!

  4. How can a picture be to yellow if it is an actual representation of the mans face.
    Does the US gov have a colourchart, that states the degrees of yellowness, blackness, whiteness etc. for you skincolour to be acceptable?
    God damn, only in Amuruca!

  5. no this has nothing to do with chinese skin color. It is just the quality of the photo. Don’t think too much (:

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