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    1. no!… he (WAS) suposed to smuggle drugs but the phone line broke up at r and u….i need you to smuggle some d**gs

  1. That’s so horrible and wrong on many levels. I hope they got pulled over and had their dog taken away from them.

    1. Sorry to let you down but that ain’t happening – that picture is in Chile and animal abuse is not highly punished here as in the US.

  2. disappointed driver upon arrival : “how the hell did the dog get inside the trunk? next time I’ll assure it’s locked well. dammit!”

  3. That’s nothing!
    Once, years ago, I saw a kid in the trunk of a car, like that dog, and he was waving!
    God, help us!

    1. dude, learn how to speak english, and if u think chilean people are stupid you are the biggest one i love my country not like you dummbass

  4. That´s horrible…fucking idiots. Poor dog.

    Chilenos avergonzaros de esto, es patetico, no penseis que es divertido o algo asi.

  5. eso es en chile ajajajaja viva chileeeeeeeeee!
    no faltala gente weona que pone ahi a sus perritos ,pero el perro se ve comodo ajajajjaja

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