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People Fail

Hey guys! Our friends have launched an AWESOME  site we want you to check out. It’s called You Spaz! It’s ‘a place for special people’. It’ll be loaded with freakouts, rants, scares, and those silly episodes of spaz –  all caught on camera. 


You Spaz – Now Updated EVERYDAY!

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    1. To get a cat to climb down your throat and then burst out when your granfather comes in, giving him a heart attack! Yeah… Twilight zone is FUCKED UP!

    2. hey ct fuck you…it’s funny then and it’s funny now…and they just keep moving this same post forward so if you really must know my post was done like 100 posts ago….so go fuck yourself CT

    3. Actually Nobody, it is funny because there are douchebags on this site that say, “first” and then there are people that make fun of them. In rare cases, dumbasses like yourself that say, “First” try to make fun of someone else for saying first. When this occurs, it directly proves that offender was in fact face-fucked by their uncle.

  1. This guy hasn’t been so mad since Domino’s took thirty-one minutes to deliver his pizzas.

    1. Well well well “V”. Even the admins don’t like your doucheness. They’ll repost a fail with your other alias. (^_^),,!,,

  2. You know who I hate? “Brotha’s” with eyes on the sides of their fucking head. I wonder if his eyelashes tickle his ears…???

  3. Oh, I just clicked on the link, I thought this was called you spaz, coz in the picture it looks like he has a deformed hand.

  4. The term “spaz” is actually from the word “spastic” which used to be the official term for someone with cerebal palsy, but is no longer in use because it was regarded as so derogatory. Calling the website “you spaz” is pretty much as insulting as calling it “you n*gger”.

    Not cool.

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