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    1. no one said it was suppose to be funny
      did some one say omg funnest thing ever no they did not

    2. no most of whats on here is hilarious even semi-funny, i wasnt that drawn to it maybe because i watched the game and saw it for myself…youre right no one said its supposed to be funny but i was looking for a laugh and didnt achieve it so i posted my comment, hell it was better than claiming i was 1st which in reality i could care less about

    3. 30 seconds of sponsor advertisement
      5 seconds of epic fail intro
      3 seconds of actual play
      8 seconds of looking at Englishman crying
      34 seconds of replay after replay.

    4. a fail is just that “a fail” it can be a sh.ty face or a broken leg it does not have to be funny. just a “fail”. you want funny go to

  1. Hmmm… at least he crawled towards the ball. I give him points for trying…. the point he gave the other team

  2. your really dumb if you think thats a fail. I’ve play goalie and let me tell you… this is not an easy position. in fact, goalie is the hardest position to play in soccer. learn the game before you criticize noobs. wow how can you even consider this a fail? the balls coming at you at like superspeed, just being able to block that is amazing.

    1. stfu… he is supposed to be a pro player, thats an amateur failure, was an easy catch.
      super speed? are you kidding, they can be fast but dont exagerate nerd they go up to 120-130km/h quit bitchin

    2. @Date Dan: Yes this is a fail, a major sports blooper. He flubbed, get over it.
      @TomAss: What about Brett Farve overthrowing the football? Shaq missing freethrows? Tiger Woods getting a double bogey? Brock Lesnar faceplanting the wrestling mat after attempting the shooting star press? Derek Jeter striking out? No matter how pro you are, you’re not going to be perfect.
      @Bob: I believe you, you’re the man.

    3. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! what is wrong with you guys… have you forgotten he is only human? thats a very hard shot to block anyways.

    1. Suprised there were not more hand-balls as the Americunts pick up the ball and start running with it.

  3. As someone already said: That’s a fail for sure but it’s neither “epic” nor funny… well okay, it’s funny that it happened to the English…

  4. Okay it wasn’t funny at all, but what a crappie goalie, just think of all the shit the team is going to give him after this game. Someone might loose their job.

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