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    1. Three…, Watch & Learn ok?, this is how you post a comment.

      OMG! that looks like fun, Let me try that!! 😉

      ..see? it can be done, just because you’re 1st doesn’t mean your comment is limited. ty & good-day. lol

  1. -how’d you end up in a wheelchair?
    +IED outside faluja how bout you?
    -horrible swingset accident. *shamefully rolls away*

    1. oh shit and so is yours lol my bad…but that dousnt take the fact away thet your still a retard

    1. those are more somersaults than rotations/spins

      tony hawk does not approve of your comparison

    1. Yeah, I love it when people suffer because of their stupidest ever mistakes. And people are too lazy to record that. That’s a friendship fail.

  2. Almost a win. Looked like he knew what he was doing, even from the slow mo it looked like a dismount rather than him falling off. It was his shoe that got caught that turned it into a fail.

  3. DAMN he was slinged all over the place…..that had to hurt when he was forced to face plant the ground…….by a swing

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