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    1. Spelling and syntax fail militaryminded “First” (capital F), and “for it to come back positive”.

      I am guessing you were not in intelligence.

    1. It’s “baby”, and not by holding hands, what happens is: When two people love each other very much the man puts his Penis into the woman’s Vagina….. actually maybe you should get you parents to explain this.

  1. haha baby win, please for fu ck sake can you gays with the “first” stop you are a epic fail at life, get a gf or go fu ck a prossy you sad cu nts

  2. i guess thats what happens when a brother n sister have a child, da baby aint makin that face, the face was made like that haha!

  3. Girl could have been so cute if she had some big adjustments here and there…

    Anyway, not surgery, I said adjustments, as in magical help from magic rainbowtown.

    Surgery is just disgusting.

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