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    1. So what is it with these stupid “first” comments? Is that the prize for all the people with no real ambition, goals, or accomplishments in life? I guess if you can’t be successful at something meaningful this is what you have left. Idiots.

    2. if this is real, that kid is gonna be the best brazilian dancer in the world…his “best friends” will probly kill him and cover up his death…becouse we all know that people wont tolerate anything better than them self…you know who you are

    3. No Poo, you`re mom is the only kind of slut that made you do that kind of shit, believe me, I am you`re daddy.

      And you wonder why I went away… HAHAHA!

    1. whats even more dumb is that this bitch is claiming first, and its not…. get a life fucktard

    2. there is a single minute difference… it duznt refresh the page at all times… there could be 20 seconds in between even tho being first is worse than a 1 inch dick

  1. kids that wear diapers haven’t developed their motor skills that much. Also, the baby is just slightly smaller than the woman on the side with the phone. not a baby.

    1. Aexander, You’ve never actually had a baby, have you?

      Here’s a thought to keep in mind for when you do become a parent…

      Most children will often start talking and walking with relative ease months before they are potty trained and out of diapers. In fact, good luck trying to potty train a child who doesn’t know how to walk yet.

    2. oh and mark? I’m sorry your kids are morons who apparently weren’t potty trained by the time they could walk.

    3. Huh? What? Did your kids learn to walk at three? The average potty training age is around 30 months, BTW.

    4. Okay Alexander don’t suppose you could help me here? How does your baby go to the toilet if they can’t walk? The idea of going to the potty requires the ability to get there before they go in their duds so you’re saying that they would speed crawl there get their duds off whilst lying down, most likely, and then crawl onto the potty or are you saying that they would have the verbal ability to ask to be taken to the toilet? BTW how were you able to determine that the baby couldn’t walk? I’d love to know.

    5. Cant believe how fucking thick you are! im not even gunna get into the hole potty training thing but god help your child if u have or ever have one,Also the baby is standing on a table thats y he looks as big as the person with the phone. My daughter is 2 next month and still in nappies but can walk run and dance. i think you need to grow up a little bit and stop being such a twat about things you know fuck all about!


    6. Seriously, that baby is from Latin America, I used to dance like that when I was a baby, what? You gonna tell me I was a fucking midget 26 years ago? (which would explain a lot lol XD)

      Anyway, you suck mofo XD

    7. definitely u are a moron…the baby is not doing anything that requires super powers…he is only moving his arms, legs and body to the rhythm of the music. if you haven’t had a baby, don’t make a stupid opinion, ’cause u are only making an ass of yourself..and what about this: I’m sorry your kids are morons who apparently weren’t potty trained by the time they could walk….are you stupid or what? the babies start walking before the first year, but become potty trained after their 2nd birthday…first go have a baby, then you make an intelligent opinion (I don’t know if you would be capable even having a baby)…no baby is a moron for not being potty trained before their first year…it is simply not possible for them…go ask any health professional

    1. ___________________β–‘β–’β–“β–“β–“β–“β–’β–‘

      The real pedobear approves

    1. ohh! Thanks for Sharing Style!
      Now beyond thinking Brazilians live in jungles with monkeys, they will also think everybody in here dances “axΓ©” and have such bad taste for music _|_

    1. imo you’d be an overprotective parent who’s children grow up to be complete wimps.

      The kid was in no obvious danger and there were at least a couple adults around.

    2. @ mark
      imo youd be a horrible parent whos children would grow up to be retarded because they fell off of tables and also because you passed on the stupid gene

  2. That kids gotta learn how to dance everyday or else it will develop into the disgusting fat hispanic, which its mother has become

    1. Portuguese is Portuguese- fucktard. Brazil is in South America, Portugal is in Europe. The Brazilian language is Portuguese

  3. You know where the fail is? this kid puts tons of grown ass guys to shame (who still do the “retarded” running man), who go clubbin every weekend.

  4. What was so fail about that? Nothing bad happened to the kid or the fat people around him…Hmmm…Am I missing something?

  5. some people are jsut jealous that they couldnt do dance this good when they were young, plus they have parents who actually pay attention to them and love them. Losers.

  6. wow, racism fail, individual thought fail and human being fail all in one comment. Nice one fuktard πŸ˜€

  7. go fuck yourselves fucking are just jealous because your face got a lot of wrinkles and look like a damn raisin soaked in clorox and the black people don’t…also ur penises are very little, not like the black people..

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