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    1. nope its seems your achievement glitched out and you missed out on first by 30 mins because youre gay

  1. WTF? dog kills cat .. so cat fails?
    yeah .. one animal kills another .. hoow funny .. and soo special .. first time i saw somthing like that .. exciting .. i though every being dies cause of decrepitude

    1. I’m an animal lover myself, but your comment is a bit out of line. The doesn’t appear to be in pain. I’m sure the dog is playing with the cat, but the timing looks horrible. If this dog really is attacking the cat, the people who took the picture and/or posted are pathetic for publicizing animal abuse and deserve to get ripped apart by hungry dogs.

    2. i guess that they’re playing too .. but the pic is tagged as fail because the people shall think it dies .. isn’t it ? … if not .. where is the fail ? .. the look on the cat’s face? .. and im not an animal lover but one animal killing another .. thats not funny or something special

    3. Ya, wait a sec, relax now… Looks like the cat is already dead, probably of natural causes & the dog is just bringing the body to it’s owners, this dog is a HERO! Bravo! Bravo! lol 😉

    4. Survival of the fittest. Their isn’t any blood or guts or anything that would even imply that the dog killed the cat. I have a pit bull and a cat, they play and for the most part the cat gets their claws in too!! Chill out

    5. Yeah, these two are playing. Shepherds are the most caring dogs when they’re trained the right way. I have two and they both literally play with squirrels. Like, one chases a squirrel, and the squirrel will turn around and chase them. Pretty funny to see a 90lb dog getting chased by a 1lb squirrel.

    6. When i was young, My dog bit the head of a gerbil that was on the driveway of a house around the block. Now im not saying thats funny or good or anything but id have to agree with the blood factor. Death is not clean and cute. Use your brains before getting offended by playful animals.

  2. its not the dogs fault he just wanted some pussy ALL DOGS are like that and watch right when that dog lets go there is gonna be hail to pay!!!!! GO PUSSY GO

  3. if a dog tried that with my cat, my cat would rip the dogs face off.

    before anyone say anything i have 5 dogs and there all scared off the cat as he is the boss of them all

  4. It seems pretty clear to me that the dog is not actually trying to kill the cat. The dog would most likely have its ears pinned back and its teeth exposed if it was showing aggression. Also, the cat’s claws are retracted. If it felt threatened it would have them out.

  5. WTF!!! I love animals!! Does no1 even give a shit about that cat!!?? I seriously hope that dog is just playing! The cat doesnt look in destress..cats wouldnt get sad about being bit they would be terrified so i think he would have had more of an expression :/ That cat has no reason to be killed so to everyone that thinks its a fucking joke!! How bout i get a german shepard to bit your neck yeah!!

    1. To be completely honest, the cat doesn’t care about anyone but itself. If you had a dog and a cat, you lived alone. If you were to die, the cat would eat your remains to survive….The dog would lie beside you and die with you!! Hands down, I have a real hard time feeling bad for any living being that would eat my remains!!! That is all

  6. Clearly the dog and cat are playing and are friends. Trust me, if that cat was feeling threatened by that dog at a minimum its claws would be out and its eyes wide open!

    This is a pets getting along WIN!

    1. In reality. Human life is no more valuable than animal life. WE as humans just put more value into it because we are in fact humans! If that dog or cat in the above comment were able to get out of the house.. theyd find wild dogs and live the rest of their life just fine. Ive seen german shepherds running in packs with coyotes in colorado. they die next to you because they cant open the door to feed themselves. All living beings kill each other for nothing. the only difference is humans do it for POWER AND MONEY and animals do it for survival. Whos more worthwhile now?

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