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    1. *watch* i am still going to correct you even know u tried doing your self and laughing about it like a idiot…

  1. that’s SO UNFAIR! DAMN! that looked real bad! though, the repetitions followed by the howling moan at the end is FUNNY. k

  2. Haahahaahaha love the remix head bash then cut to the bawling. Hahahaha he didnt even make it to the actual flip, not even the launch. True Fail

  3. I’m voting faker. The way his arms take the impact on a cushioned platform seems WWF’ish. Entertaining mix though….

    1. Just wanted to let you guys know that it is deetiinfly NOT water. If you look at the label it says Anhydrous meaning void of water. Although I think it a good idea to dilute it with a bit of distilled water for viscosity, the other .5% remains a mystery.

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