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  1. scroll over the pic and it says “epic-tan-fail-uneven-glasses” Yep cause the uneven glasses are so obvious.

    1. Moron….
      The tags are:
      Not uneven glasses.
      Tags allow you to search for specific things, like someone with an UNEVEN tan, or maybe someone wearing GLASSES…
      Please get your mom to take you the doctor so she can abort you.

  2. Upon exiting the tanning bed, peter noticed 2 extra inches on his penis, an increase in vertical leap, a hankering for chicken and the strange inability to smile for pictures. (it’s a joke faggots, don’t flame me for racism)

  3. Sssshhhhhhhhh there a black midget guido holding his hands up like he bout to pop an imaginary cap in ur fake ass… gimme a pokeball real quick.

  4. Couple of faggotts. They just finished boning each other and they are about to go out to the “manhole” or some gay bar to pick up another couple of douchebag homos so they can gang bag each other yo’

  5. I think the white guy is now attracted to this other guy because he looks black…… his arm is really wrapped around the epic fail tan man

  6. i was going to say ebony and ivory, then i noticed his fists. i wonder if he was wearing gloves when he got his spray tan?

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