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    1. Let me guess who did the make-up for her “friends”…lol the man in the middle? đŸ˜‰

    2. “moo” as in they’re fat? If you say yes, then I am going to wager you are a jealous, homely teenage girl..or some guy that is a closet homosexual you clearly prefer women to have the body of a ten year old, anorexic boy!

    1. so what? fuck them in the ass then….stop being little faggots about it and man up…you wouldnt last two seconds in jail

    1. I thought South America was part of the American continent also! Pretty sure they’re not USA. Dear friends…Stupidity has no nation!

    1. Clown fetish rules! Whats better that make it on with you girlfriend/boyfriend while she/he tells you a joke with a round red nose and a flashy wig??
      Laughing and sex are some of the coolest thing is life!

  1. It’s Bozo and Casper. all this is the result of 2 hours powdering and “getting ready”, you know a high school boy hard up for twat is still willing to hit this, and use a paperbag for his wingman.

  2. Wow how can people really be that blind as to not see it on their own face? Must have been putting it on in the dark.

  3. after they got rolled in flour to find the wet spot, they didn’t wash their face before going out. Is this a prom?
    If it is their faces will be covered in white again later.

  4. Actually by looking at the pink dress in the middle. They most likely had did a teeth whitening in photoshop to strong, Or clicked the wrong spot. And it turned all the same colors in the picture white. I know because i live on PS đŸ™‚

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