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    1. Because they’re unoriginal. It’s kinda like when a 3 year old speaks, they MUST be heard but have nothing to say.

    2. its not cool .. its funny cause every time there is at least one idiot who is getting upset about that .. thats ridiculous

    1. oh yeah how so? explain to me how pointing this out is a fail

      putting “Fail!” on a random comment without an explanation is just pathetic and unoriginal and a “Fail!” in itself

      regardless of your idiocy i wasnt the only person to see the ToU violation but first to comment and knew they were going to reload it thru a different site

  1. I am so tired of seeing these fucking rednecks doing stupid shit. How redneck & inbred are you to get the idea that setting a lay boy in the back of a pickup truck constitutes as either luxurious, safe, or an extra seat? Seriously, this is a prime of example of using a filter in your gene pool as these people shouldn’t reproduce. The guy probably goes home and tells his 8 year daughter to not smoke or breast feed her kid at the dinner table.

  2. i just think its hillarious how upset people get at other people just for typing first on the comment section.

  3. This is not a fail its a win but when the guy up front shots them a middle finger whats his problem at least we dont ahve a dead guy in the back of our car….

  4. Comfort win! the sad thing is I think he was in the back because the two of them couldn’t fit in the front… fatties 🙁

  5. “I’m not gonna go with you to look for Mom, you will have to pick me up in this couch to make me go…..”
    oOoOo (thoughts) oOoOo – fuck, now i gotta listen to that broad talk shit for 2 hours while i miss the game.
    “pass me my shot gun, so i can clear the wax outta my ears out”

    1. nah its more like:

      “lets go dad its time i put you in a home”
      “fuck no i aint going, all i need is this chair to sit in for the rest of my life”
      “fuck it dad you and your fucking chair are going to the home, we’ll sort it out there, if you dont get your ass out of that chair im just gonna load you in the back with it”
      “fuck you son”
      “fuck you dad”
      “alright lets get him in!!!”

  6. I’m guessing they’re taking him someplace he didn’t want to go, so they just carried him in the recliner to the truck.

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