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  1. Why is this a fail? It will only be a fail if someone manages to jump of the trampoline to hit the fence….

    1. look at the tags “about to fail” “trampoline placement fail”

      your name suits you…

    1. maybe hes tired of dealing harry and marv and just to get rid of them once and for all

    1. I’m from chester and i’m ashamed of that faggy douche. Also, this really is something you would prolly see here.

    1. fuck you and your stupid ass “did he died” comment. That’s the dumbest fucking comment that was only funny the first tome i read it…3 fucking years ago

  2. ….and that afternoon Vlad said to his children “You kids watch to much TV, go outside and play on the new trampoline”

    1. Parkour is just spitting death in the face, saying “you cant catch me, nanernaerbooboo”, UFC is just stupid tempting fate but not as deadly as Parkour unless dude literally put his foot up the other dude’s ass. this is more Death taunting you, and saying “i bet you cant jump from the far side of the trampoline to hop over the fence”

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