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    1. the third fail is that someone marrid it, and the forth fail is that this IS! some kind of selebration LOL

  1. i love the way the kid looks at it like “oh my god this is so exciting .. is she gonna lick it? .. i’d love it”

  2. She is taking the diss “go eat a dick” a lil too literal. The question is, can she Nom it all in one bite?

  3. Well, I was going to make a teeth fail comment but since it’s already been covered I guess I won’t. Wait, I just did. NVM, carry on gents.

  4. bahahah she looks like whats her name on seinfield? shes now doing those weight watcher commercials? i forgot her name LOL

  5. wauajajaj that cunt needs a lot of practice never grab a men by the ballz you always grab it from the stick XD!!

  6. to make it even better would be to put salad,,, sauce….

    well that sweet stuff that you put on salad material to give it an extra flavour but it isnt fat free.

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