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    1. what are you talking about? – the show might be Brazilian but the guy eating his boogers is the Coach of the German soccer team. His name is Joachim “Jogi” Löw.

    2. James. Please make sure you have all your facts straight before commenting, this just makes you look more on an imbecile thsn you already are.

    3. its awkward .. but at least our coach is very good ^^ .. people do strange things when they’re nervous ^^

    1. I am really ashamed of you, fellow german, better support our team instead, stupid fucker.

    2. That was HILARIOUS ! so loser to be caught so easily, he’s even not hiding or something… xD

  1. haha, lowe (the guy on tv) used to manage a mediocre team named fenerbahce in turkey, and he would do this shit in every single game.

    this footage brought back salty memories.

  2. wow did his tooth even fall off? hahaha what a dumass anyways i go for mexico hahaha
    jose sanchez es puto y romero tambien

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