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  1. Who here hasn’t tried “butt finger blast”? If not, just slip in a thumb next time you’re tapping it from behind, girls love it. (^_^)

  2. Its got peanuts, chocklet, a lil’ nuggety chew to it and if you’re lucky, you might find corn wafers in your batch. gotta love that butt finger blast. watch out for the prolapse afterburn.

  3. “Okay, um, I would like a scoop of Bubblegum ice cream, and uh, Hey babe, what do you want?”
    “Butt finger blast.”
    “Didn’t I just give you one of those at home?”
    “Yeah but I want another!”
    “Okay, one scoop of Butt Finger Blast please.”

  4. Hmmmm, that is a tough decision. You know, I think i will try the ‘Shocker’ ice cream flavor. 2 scoop of Pink Pussy and 1 scoop of Butt Finger Blast

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