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  1. I feel so Sorry for these woman’s All their have to go home to is so SMALLL… We all should go to their home and give them our big things….

    1. Fez, seriously, what the hell do you say half the time? Just end your comments by saying “I say good day”.

  2. Oh to have a iron alloy Big Red ride every woman would have as much fun on like these here. Yeah say cheese bitch, you know damn well if you took this it would be coming back through your mouth.

    1. OMG that is Erica on here….how funny is that Lynnie I love it…Your mom asked for that one.

  3. looks like steve carrell’s wife… i don’t know her name… and im not sure if shes actually carrell’s wife

    1. really? are you kidding me right now. my mom is BEAUTIFUL. and obviously , you’ve gotta be some ugly ass bitch if you’re gonna be putter her now. you have no right to be doing that cause you don’t even know her.

  4. That’s my aunt! Hahahaha! One, she is NOT a slut, two, she’s hilarious. And “Dirty Old Fart,” Who the hell are you to call anyone any names?

    1. seriously. i agree with you Bec. some people these days. i swear to god. “dirty old fat” you’re f*cked up.

  5. why the h*ll would you put my moms facebook on there.
    you’re a f**ked up person i hope you know that, LOLCALLEDYOUOUT.

  6. Don’t let them fool you – size does matter. If there was a line up from biggest to smallest, most of you guys who have been told that size doesn’t matter, could take a week in Disney before she gets to you….

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