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  1. Now if he would just get a face tattooed on his head, making the hair it’s moustache, he’d still be gay.

    1. I was just about to say it looks like a gay chulo mustache posing on his head, LOL +1. I like your comment better

  2. Man people are so fucking retard, seriously… Who thinks it’s cool or sexy to make freaking idiot haircuts like this crap shit !

  3. **whispering** Shhh dude, there’s a mustache hiding on top of your head, imma knock it off with this bat…. shhh esse hold still or you’ll let it get away…

    1. Oh yea … real smooth, im sure that will teach it a leason to stop hiding on peoples heads 🙂

  4. thats why thats his mug shot, he couldnt hide with that thing on his head even if he tried. stupid “esse”

  5. I’m laughing my head off from just reading the comments..
    How idiotic you have to be to start growing moustache on your forehead? LOL 😀

  6. “Um dude your supposed to grow a moustach on your face, not on the top of your head”
    “Dammit man you should have told me that earlier”

  7. LMAO oh man i hate commenting but this picture cracks me up lmao!!! specially when i read the comments!! the comments are so dumb but so hilarious!!!…..
    it straight up looks like a mustache!.. and some people are people guys jelouse they cant grow one.. and this homie has an extra one… ON HIS HEAD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  8. so r u serving time for stealing the monopoly mans mustache? Really though, what in the world were u thinking, its his trade mark for the game…shit u shoulda just stole his eye glass to lmao…CREEPER>>.>>>dude the chomo look so doesnt sit well in prison

  9. Lmfao… wtf.. looks like the barber left handle bars on your head… and what… is this a mug shot… in prison with that style… lookin like doc holidays mustash on top… someone large is gonna have you touching your toes… yellin… I’M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY… lmfao… and then when its time for clean up…. he can just give your handlebars a tug… postioning the new fish quick… lmfao… such a toughtful bitch… your gonna make friends fast… SAFE ANUS FAIL

  10. Okay people stop laughing at this poor bastard. Is it not obvious to all that this is a remnant of a conjoined twin that is growing out of his head? We can only hope that it is the evil twin since it has no mouth to cause trouble for this really cool and classy guy.

  11. cmon, give the guy some credit.. He was thinking way ahead… He knew his future cell mate would need something to hang on to.

  12. the true fail is the fact he raped 3 people and police couldnt find him with a description of his hair…

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