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    1. Ha ha ha…..I thought by envelope –you meant slang for her lower quadrant that’s hanging out!!

    1. I believe that that’s a hand painted Gourd probably has a hole in it to be used as a birdhouse.
      By the way, way to be on the look out for COCK!!!

  1. The people i see at work makes this one not so bad but my day would be shot if she came in and took forever to GTFO. I saw a fat chick come in that looked like her ass ate her pants, belly fat hung at her knees and she had more beards than me and had the hairiest arms i’ve ever seen on a person. you know people like that can detect when a person is about to either throw up or laugh they ass off before do it. She had a shut the fuck up look the whole time she was there. Bahahahaa

  2. Is the kid holding up a shield? The picture looks alitle fake. Not to sound gay…here goes… I don’t think the skirt matches the top she is wearing. OK let the abuse begin. But I think the picture is fake.

    1. The thing hanging in the tree is a gourd birdhouse. It does look a little….ahem…..strange. This photo is not a fake. I am the photog—her elastic waist skirt appeared to have slipped below her belly fat. She asked us for directions, and was oblivious to the fail. I kinda felt bad posting it! My son was pushing my daughter’s stroller and he missed the whole show!

  3. Look at that fat stupid granny, she looks so dumb wearing that stupid skirt of hers. Someone call the American fashion police and throw her in jail for looking so stupid and possibly trying to molest that poor kid

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