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  1. Kick fail… its a team fail! not just the kick, the kick didn’t score and they did score enough .. ha ha losers go home with the rest of your non euro losers!

    1. hahaha, poor guy, ur british? Uruguay got 2 worldcups, Netherlands 0, and England 1

      who’s the loser now?

  2. I saw this Live on TV also. Can’t believe the guy kept playing.Surprised he didn’t get a tooth knocked out.

    1. thats cuz he’s an dutch guy and Dutch ppl always keep going
      i know that cuz im dutch 🙂

  3. Eso es comerse una patada a lo URUGUAYO! That is CHARRUA blood. And they won, cheating, but we made the real game, even in the end we scored, we are URUGUAYOS, SENTIMIENTO Y CORAZON.

  4. Hahaha didn´t you know we uruguayans are well versed in the art of kung fu? watch out next time you cheat!
    Arriba Uruguay! patada bicicleta a lo liu kang!

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