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    1. Someone always yells “photoshop” at this type of pics. If you look closer it doesn’t look photoshopped, and anyway pity the one who spends time photoshopping such a commonplace fail.

    1. actually that bus is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, only Old White hooligan drivers are allowed to drive that bus

  1. Man why did it have to be in montreal, i thought canadians were smarter than that… but i guess you have drunk drivers everywhere

    1. hey i was the one who took the picture, i have several more to prove it buddy. it was taken with a blackberry bold.

  2. Hey now, be nice. Besides we all know ricemasters are horrible drivers. But be ware!!! Ricemasters could be great ninjas.

  3. its a shame i live in mtl but all the drivers are shit. iv been hit 4 times, one totaling my car, they all ran.

  4. Honey I made a water mote around the house.
    Why ?
    to protect the house of course.
    That is just silly.
    you will see my genius eventually

  5. I’m from Montreal and have come close to being hit by an STM bus so I’m not at all surprised by this. Most Montrealers can’t drive, taxi drivers in Montreal are worse, bus drivers in Montreal are the worst.

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