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    1. really? I thought off-sides was whan the goalie catches the ball outside the square thingy……. ok, WTF is off-sides?!

    2. off side is when the team with the ball are behind their opponents defence before the ball is kicked

  1. De Jong is a legend id have him in my team all day long just for tackles like this. lets the opponents know they are in a game

    plus just shows to all the americans that call football gay mean while they wear all their body armour so they cant be hurt

    1. Even with all the protective padding and gear, your futball players would be destroyed taking the hits that Football players endure almost every play.

    2. LOL sorry american football players get hit way harder than any soccor player has ever football players are supposed to take each others heads off

  2. and that is the flying spain why didnt he hit is face this is reason why we known as the flying dutchman XD (i am dutch)

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