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  1. Career ceiling hit as a cashier at the convenient store or as a carny….or if his parents have money he’ll own a tatoo shop…that’s about it for horned freaks shows

  2. Great! Now he’ll never be able to wear a baseball cap. He shoulda thought it through. Probably sounded like a good idea…on acid!

  3. Aside from the swollen large gauge labret piercing, and the raised sub-dermal anchor on the top of his head, all the piercings seem healthy, and the tattoos are well done. Where is the fail? That he looks different from most people? Most people are boring as shit, and complete cowards when it comes to pain. This guy is obviously neither of those things. I’d hit it.

    1. I rather be boring, than a no future loser like this dildo, and you say you’d “hit” this?, you’re probably a fat tatted up loser. No matter how many tattoos they get, they’re the same losers they were in high school.

    2. I agree if you think a guys with penis’s growing out of his head is cool that would qualify you as a retard. This pic is obviously a fail anyone who thinks otherwise should be punched in the face until they are dead.

    3. Ya, I’d hit it too.. Hit & Run with a stolen car.

      The only reason Victoria perceives that most people are boring is because the more she “modifies” herself, the more shocking it is to look at, it’s like a car crash, once it’s seen, you move on & forget about it. She’s just bitter because when it started off with just a nose ring she looked cool & guys liked her, so she thought more should be better & now nobody but freaks like this will give her a 2nd glance.

      In fact, the ones who are boring are you guys. You failed to communicate properly, because you have nothing to say & Now you’re just a cry for help. 😉 btw,I’m invoicing you for this session. take care.

    4. victoria i agreed 100% with you and anyone who shuns individuality should be taken to the woods and shot they look weird yes different yes but they are still human beings like you f**kin punks saying this is an EPIC FAIL save the EPIC FAILS for shit that really deserves it dumbF**KS

    5. @taylor:

      its not about shunning individuality, its about shunning the extremes that people go to sometimes in their body mods. He can do whatever he wants to his body, its his right and his choice, but you can’t blame people for thinking that this is a little freaky considering how damn extreme it is. seriously…like someone pointed out before…where the hell is this dude gonna work?

    6. This is directed to Victoria and Taylor. The people who are different are the people who get educations, good jobs and careers, and who actually try to make something out of their lives. This guy’s no different than any of the other tattooed people out there. When everyone looks the same, covered in tattoos, piercings, and all that stuff, then none of them are really different, now are they?

    1. cum on now. you know guys like this never make it to 60. in about 10 years, at the most, he’ll realize what a dumbass he was. then he’ll either try in vain to fix this god awful mistake or take his own life. sad but true. but he could get lucky and get a job working at a Satanist church.

      love that new removing top layers of skin instead of tattooing also. retards.

    2. True yo never see old guys with something like that, than agian mayby people during the second world war had more things on the head… get it on the head

  4. Oh man do I want to bash those lumps on his head down with a baseball bat! I bet his boy friend holds on to the bumps while he feeds this homo his cock!

    1. same thing i was thinking, only i’d hook his ear lobes to the lumps before bashing them in with a bat!!

  5. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the branding tattooing he has on the side of his face and on his head. That’s permanent scaring through branding irons. That hurts like hell.

    Other than the horns it doesn’t look awful, but I’d never do that. I’d not want tattoos on my neck either since you can’t really hide them for job interviews.

    1. its not branding its actually scarafication or removal of a few layers of skin thats why it is indented not raised

  6. he reminds me of the guy on the film little nicky with the boobs on his head except his are undeveloped ones

    1. I like a chick that is desperate and has low standards. Looks like Zombie banger is free for a night. Guess I’ll settle for that.

  7. He could do just fine if he went over to the UK. That’s where bizarre magazine is based out of. I want to call fail on most of the comments here. Open mindedness fail.

  8. He would definitely have a role in any future Star Trek series. New contact with a new species because this fuck doesn’t look anywhere close to human.

  9. Dermals, implants, carvings, tattoos, and piercings….how in hell did he get the fucking money? I’m sure mommy and daddy didn’t give that high of an allowance.

  10. This guy has got a solid look. He doesn’t look a a shitbrain asshole.
    Although the main character in American History X had an honest looking face too…

  11. We all can do anything we want to our bodies after we are 18. We all can wear anything, get tats, piercings, have tummy tucks, face lifts, eyebrows ripped off with wax, old men shave their bald heads…but this must have cost a fortune to do, and it had to hurt. AND WHAT KIND OF JOB DOES HE HAVE? Oh, shoot I forgot he babysits my kids..I forgot cause he just added the eyebrow work…really WTF do you do with your life when you look like this?

  12. He reminds me of someone out of Star Trek…Don’t know the names though so we’ll go with the His mod’s are a bit much but I bet he’s already established in the tattoo/piercing/mod community. The imlants are a bit much to be on a face. But they are removable. Maybe he was doing it for an art show or something. However he’s done scarification to his head which ouch would fucking hurt! That’s for life. Forever looking like an extra in Star Trek. Bahahaha

  13. freakazoid from the planet glark ,mutation of the galactigan princess typhus ,fucking lol im glad im english

  14. sooooo…everyone’s negative comments on this are fucking stupid, haha. you all fail to recognize that someone that wants to work in an office setting or some shit like that, wouldn’t get this. you may feel like it was a bad idea, but as an adult, he’s not stupid enough to ruin his future by the way he looks. it was planned this way. he’s probably a piercer or a tattoo artist, both of which are careers where this is encouraged, accepted, and can actually gain trust with clients. would you get a tattoo from someone without one? i don’t think so. also, both of these jobs can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if you work hard enough to build and keep a solid clientele base. now there’s a legitimate, factual response. fuck everyone else’s onesided, conservative, “he’s a faggot and fucks guys” bullshit, because let’s be honest, regardless of anyone’s opinion on this shit, no one that will comment on this, will ever be willing to put them self through and self sacrifice like this ever.

  15. I guess he can’t plain drugs for this, or alcohol, or his friends, or his family…I think he know the true…He’s a really asshole!!!…XD

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