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  1. How’s that ninja? I can do that with both hands tied behind my back, one leg as a wooden peg and a cigar in my mouth… The cigar just makes me look cool. But really, that’s a pretty sweet kick.

    1. Interesting, I’ve heard that term before but never knew what it was, now I have an idea. Btw I can’t do that, I can’t even kick higher than the mad fat girl from some fails ago.

    2. its not called capoeira
      its just tricking
      and the kick is some kind of butterfly twist kick thing

    3. I’d still coin it a jump (double) spin roundhouse. He uses the top part of his foot, so seems like a round house to me.

    1. Yes. I am good enough to check my message for spelling mistakes before pressing the submit comment button.

  2. 1 ninja win and 1 ninja fail. If soccerballface was a good ninja, he would have dodged/blocked that ball or anticipated the outcome before it happened.

  3. PS: hey, but did you notice how gay this guy looks when he walks towards the camera after his first failed attempt?

    1. yes, but I’d blame that on muscle memory. And preparing for the next kick. Just eagerness. but yeh, could be considered a little homo. but also considering how he violated that guys face, I’ll leave it to you to tell him.

  4. ya know. I’ve always wondered how other people can reply to other people’s comments. haha call me stupid but idk what your suppose to do to do it.

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