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  1. If they wanted to flail their arms and swing for the fences, they should just join the MMA. Then you’ll get a Pay per View for knocking someone out. Ha.

  2. I have a recurring dream where I throw a live grenade into Jonas Brother crowd. Does that make me a bad person?

    1. Yes because you’re killing innocent tweens, soon those girls would have been 18. Dreaming of Jonas bros and killing girls, what are you, gay?

    2. It’s not the Jonas Bros I’m dreaming of really but the kiddies watching them. I’m a paedo you see but I’m thinking of getting into murdering kids, hence the grenade. I’ll mull it over a bit longer I think.

    3. In fact that makes you a bad person. If you were a good person you would at least have the decency to deflower all the girls before you blow them up…


  4. not really a moshing fail someone always gets hit in any half decent mosh and thats just a part of it.. this just happened to get caught on camera

  5. Fuckin’ idiots. How did they come up with idea of swinging their fists in a full mosh pit?? I mean come on, the point is to be crazy but not to hurt everyone around!

    1. fuck you you wimpy cunt, leave us moshers to knock each other out while you and your hipster friends stand whith your beers trying not to spill any on yourself ya fantafuds

  6. This is what a mosh pit is supposed to be. People fall and they get back up. Big deal. Wish I was there… people barely pit around here anymore. :\

  7. Lmao! Hahahah I thought they were going to have a krump battle. So weird lol oh well still had me laughing ahah

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