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  1. Well at least it kept her from singing more………..that is ultimately much more painful……for all of us.

  2. Isn’t great how everything goes quiet as soon as goes flying…If being thrown off stage is what it takes for people to stop playing her shitty music… she should try this stunt more often

    1. Yea you are soooo on it Mike! She stole Pink Floyd’s name. Pink should pay her crew more, maybe this wouldn’t of happened…lol “OH by the way which one is Pink?” Will the real Pink stand up?

  3. Ya are just hating, she’s an awesome person, singer, and performer! Not only did she get hurt, get rushed to the hospital she performed the next day. Now how many other “performers” would do that? Exactly, NONE so ya’ll can hate on her all you want but she’s still a star in my eyes, and it don’t matter what you think or say cause she’s better than your punk ass selves, k bye….P!NK Foreverrr<3

    1. she fell on PEOPLE, they got hurt by PINK, did she pay for their hospital bills? And what about the poor other foo foo crew member who flew into the audience..are they OK? Pink used to be a cool tough chick, now she is just another PRODUCT to PROTECT.

  4. Finally something like this happens to her, I can’t stand the fact that she’s not even that talented and she thinks she’s better than everyone else in her industry.

    Pink Floyd is the only pink that matters.

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