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    1. Would like to have some baserunning tips. Tips for sletaing bases, what to look for when trying to steal 2nd and 3rd off of RHP’s and LHP’s and leads at 2nd base (deep or shallow) and why and what situation.

  1. And how is that tv news??….wtf…1 thing, who gives a fuck about indians arranging marrages? and 2, it was his girlfriend anyway so why not marry her, at least shes half decent looking, he should be lucky….and last but not least….he must have an outbreak of lice on his head

    1. yep we can hit and run in peace. roofie in complete ease of mind. and try for comatose booty. yes we are free. (im not being sarcastic, these are all wins LOL)

  2. lmfao. that sucks. I feel bad for him. & wow, the girlfriend still wants to marry him after that performance? ๐Ÿ˜€ hahahahahahahahah

    1. thats funny, but it’s actually “Lakshmi” common Indian name. and I’d marry hey and kama sutra the hell out of her!

    1. yes i wud hit it. first i will buy that bitch a pallet of razors and tell her to get work. she looks like she has a mega bush

  3. He’s probably still wanting to live his life as a bachelor; free to prowl around. LOL! He’s practically screaming ‘my life is over!’ when they forced him to marry her. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. LOL! Happy marriage! “he went absconding for 4 years” C’mon… what’s so scary about that woman to go absconding for 4 years? Is she hiding a shlong?

  5. oh nice drop the n bomb. Thats sure to raise some eyebrows and assert your self as the most ignorant person here.

    first rule of Indian sex life: Thou shalt not “hit and run”, for if thou hit it and quit it, thou wilst get a neighborhood beating and marriest thy regretted beer goggle induced one nighter. peace be with you and you will learn to love her.

  7. Three toughts
    -thats the best girl that poor indian guy can ever get, he should be happy for the skinny sex thats coming (eithr he isnt, means hes gay).
    -Lakshmi is the name of the consort of vishnu and shes the goddes of musician and luck
    -at last, are we making fun of this? this is real rational marriage, the only business occidentals let on regards exclusively of love is marriage, and we are making fun of this? WTF? the interest of the family was clearly the central motivation, thats is called convenience and is way bether than a two years marriage and divorce based on love.

    1. You got arranged with a serious pterodactyl face didnt you… and then you found out how much of a bitch she is after the first year. She takes away the sex doesnt she… and she intrudes and makes sure you cant enjoy your “happy” time. dude you only grow to love someone if you liked them initially, if i dont even like the person im set up to marry and she’s butt ugly i would run like a bat outta hell. cuz i would pray for sweet death for myself everyday i have to stay with that beast.

  8. If every groom was thinking correctly, this would be us all on our wedding day rather than standing there with a goofy grin and a boner. Guy’s thinking about Mrs Naggin-ass Next Week and not Miss Right Now.

  9. And if the guy will invest in some Harts Two-n-One Wormer and shove a few down her throat, he’ll atleast have some meat to grab onto.

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