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  1. You just hear *piep* *piep* and you wait, what will happen and you hope he will crush against the wall…disappointing end 🙁

    1. Did you actually watch the end? That 2nd guy smashes his face against the treadmill and flies onto the floor. The ending was funny.

  2. hahahaha it would have been cooler if the guys had a cardboard cut-out of a cop to really make it more interesting

  3. Training to run away from the popo? The second guy is gonna get arrested quick. The first one just might get away.

    1. Unless he has your ass right beside because we all know whire ppl can’t run and if your mexican their going to be concrated on getting you the fuck back out of here.

  4. ya gotta admit tho the first guy was runnin’ pretty damn fast! but i was waiting for him to biff it…did not expect that other guy to come in! LMAO!! ^_^

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