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    1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t get past 40 seconds, please don’t tell me her head explodes in the end. That would be cruel of you. lol. 😉

  1. this isnt a fail, these move’s was the shit back in the day…if you try dancing like that NOW? then its probly a fail… BUT still fun to do in the confines of your own bedroom lol

    1. @scumbagsteve You forgot the sticking it to your wife while your at the office….fucking douche

    1. I know!!!
      I know oppossites attract.
      But when i think or say”country hiphop” i instantly get this weird…maybe even pervers feeling….
      Wrong combo people lol
      You cannot mix fire with water…..

  2. f-ing hilarious! i never would have guessed that about her. (h’m…makes me wonder what other stuff “miss prim and proper” is into…bbc, perhaps?)

  3. Wow…. that is truly amazing. I don’t care how long ago it was, how did they not realise how hard they were failing? This has to be the hardest fail I’ve ever seen!
    Due to my choice of the word ‘hard’ I expect someone will no doubt feel the need to externalize their pent-up gay fantasies on me or someone else (I’ve noticed the pornstar gets it a lot. no pun intended).

  4. So this is where they got the intro’s for street fighter and tekken before the round begins. the country hip hop. hahaha

  5. I could watch all of it. My pimp hand was gettin itchy, and my backhand started warming up. gotta love country white people that think they got hip hop down, points tho for getting into hiphop in what looks like the late 80’s early 90’s

  6. this is not a fail at all, its even kind of cool, I think its actually achieve to combine hip hop and cow boy dancing into a new not weird mix WTF? we can just make fun of evertything… or can we?

  7. its really weird watching this… not just because of the dancing… because at times its hard to see whether she is facing you or not… she looks EXACTLY the same from both sides lol.

  8. Her eyes were beyond blitzed looking.I can also tell the blonde wonam is now probably on welfare and that guy in the jacket stealing TVs.All of em on meth.
    But Id still tap that ass awww yeah.

  9. Ha! “That’s jammin’!…You can even add your shoulders! If you want! That’s the fun thing about Hip Hop Dancing!”
    Yeah! I see this picking up all over the globe.

  10. First of all…. what the hell is this bitch wearing?
    Second…..the dancing isnt the only thing thats funny its the entire package the dancing. the hair the outfit the group behind her too
    Why is she so pumped about country hip hop lmao

    1. Yeah, she’s led a sheltered life. Probably where The Brady Bunch was the only show she was allowed to watch. Her favorite song is probably Sunshine Day.

      Damn! I still wanna fuck Marcia!

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