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  1. They just want to figure out what looks cool. Look at her age: when you say this is a fail, then you say also that the hole pubescence is a fail. You better post nothing before you post “fail” like this or you will lose your credibility.

    1. her? didn’t see any titties here…

      hole? love hole? 😀

      pubescence – is this some pubic perfume?

    2. @Jesus F. Christ: damn..mistaken between his and her. This explain my nickname 😉 pubescence = adolescence = puberty = age of puberty. Got it from a dictionary

  2. Kid#1: “yo wigga, dis shit will look great on myspace”
    Kid#2: “hell yeah, dis will bring all da bitches, then we won’t have to jerk off each other using gang signs.”

  3. You know your gsng sign failed when you forgot how it went half way through, and the guy your “hailin” doesnt know how it goes and thinks you were done when you took a long pause in the middle.
    True signs of a beat down to come, a girl is gonna beat their ass so good it gonna need video taping.

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