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  1. That car would not be without oil. It takes oil to make the plastic in the car. It takes oil to make the tires. You need oil to lube the bearings. where did it get the electricty from to charge the battery? coal power plant I’m sure.
    All these “green” people are a joke.

    1. @both of you

      Typical ignorant statements you have both made regarding electric cars. The best thing you can both do is kill yourselves. The world would be better off.

    2. me is right, green Mark. You are a bandwagon-jumping, tree-hugging, bed-wetting liberal who takes what Hollywood tells you as truth. Quite listening to Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and get some facts.

    3. Mark didn’t actually have an argument there. I think he realizes it is impossible to refute the logic. In fact, assuming like most ignorant environmentalist, you are guzzling down bottled spring water, you are cycling through tons of petroleum based plastics. Not to mention the gas/diesel burned by the ships to ship Fiji water back and forth across half the planet. Way to go environment rangers!

    4. @Mark – You’re the ignorant one. Yes, electric cars require oil. They require oil in the transmission. The carpet requires oil to produce. The dash is probably molded polypropylene which requires oil to produce.
      As for arguments that should be conceded. The oil required for the transmission is minimal. The hydraulic fluid for the brakes is minimal (also uses regenerative braking). The vehicle does NOT have power steering. It’s not really needed for a 900KG car. The Tesla is made of Carbon Fiber, which doesn’t require oil to produce.

    5. Truth.. I was like electricity is as bad if not worse than running gas… only real green in hydrogen. And solar is bullshit because the way they produce the tiles is poisonous to the environment

  2. Nice car looks bad ass, but you dont look bad ass when you’re flooring it and no engine roaring, its like having a big fighter looking pitbull and it barks like a newborn puppy.

    1. I prefer a stealthy ‘whoooosh’ from an ear-deafening ‘ROAAAAAR’ to be honest, and at 0-100km in 3.7sec this baby has nothing to fear.

      But seriously… orange?

    2. Have you ever seen TopGear testing this car? If not, search for it. Perhaps it is a good car if you have e cable long enough LOL

    3. i guess your right **chronix** the stealth can come in handy when im either out for revenge or stalking my favorite bitch. but i wouldnt have it painted hazzard orange, maybe a creepy matte black to hide in the shadows.

    4. @Chronix – The problem is it doesn’t make a stealthy “whoosh” as it goes by. It still has a little bit of transmission whine when you floor it.
      0-60MPH in 3.7 is tough to beat, but there are plenty of gas guzzlers out there that beat it. Corvette Z06 does 0-60MPH in 3.6 seconds.

  3. Ah rich people and their humor, if he thinks the oil spill is funny wait till he hears about straving kids in africa it will be a riot!!

  4. I still wouldn’t buy that. It takes forever to charge and not to mention if you charge it at home your power bill goes up. Eventually battery life much like your cellphone degenerates. Plus the creators of that car are smug assholes.

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