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    1. i would say latino indeed no matter how english or german are the posters there can always be the famous “mojado”

  1. Hopefully this guy wasted the asshole team edward fan who had the poster and is posing after the kill. So he’s OK?

    1. Sorry to burst yer bubble, boy… but he’s probably dead now too, due to a retaliation killing… I guess you boneheads don’t think that far ahead huh? violence begets violence. Stay in School kids…and no, being a UFC fighter isn’t a career goal. Smarten’ the fuck up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I guess a few of the “Team Edward” boys came and busted a cap in their “werewolf asses”

    3. How is being in the UFC not a career goal? It’s the pinnacle of the sport. That’s like saying aspiring to be in the NFL or the NBA is not a career goal.

    4. I agree with Vinnie, I have a few boys who fight in lower league MMA fights including myself and the money isn’t bad especially if you can get into some of the underground fights, 10-15k a fight depending on your size

  2. You know, with twilight pussifying the vampire / werewolf image its easy to imagine this gun toting kid is just as big a pussy as Edward trying to look like an intimidating vamp (or a real vamp for that matter). I bet this kid is the type to jump up and down screaming like a lil girl, flapping his hands for glee, b’cuz he won premier tickets to go see it from radio disney.

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    1. i am a team walther, heckler and koch and glock myself, that means that I sill laugh my ass of if alucard (from hellsing) would meet all of you

  4. “You better take it back….take it back!! Vampires glittering ain’t gay man!! It ain’t! Take it back or I’ll blow your head off!”


  5. You know some filthy rich hollywood exec is rolling in dough because he found out a certain group would pay to see vampires and sexy men?…

    And this is actually part of a much bigger picture, and horrible problem.

    Corporate economics has invested in the institution (ie over-specialization and universities), and money has taken priority to EVERY thing else in life. What was once original art (something created solely for human expression), is no longer guaranteed to be so. Because today, businessmen hire artists to create “art” that pushes a business. Therefore it is no longer art, but business. It is the shell of an artist (this person still knows how to play with your emotions: the composer, the writer, the painter) working for a business CEO. Let me say that again. Businesses are hiring people that know how to make you feel/think a certain way.

    This is very dangerous, and is having serious repercussions. First of all, it’s working. The mass population watches a lot of TV. So these businessmen are hiring a lot of artists to make a lot of business-art, and there are channels and movies for every interest. So no matter if you are into sports, dramas, home repair, wildlife survival, pets, travel, science, video games, etc., there is a channel with businessmen hiring artists to make media that will get you 1) addicted and coming back, and 2) thinking what they want you to think.

    Your “Twilight” is an example of this. I’m sure Twilight is a great movie. But that’s the problem. Professionals are professional. They have trained to be good at what they do and (as often as possible) not produce junk material. So almost all hollywood movies are great movies, but they are still not art. They are part of a business plan. The reason Twilight was produced is because a CEO knows he can make money off of you. Jacob and Edward were written, casted, directed, and edited in the way approved by the CEO, because he has studied “what people like” and “how to make something a lot of people will go crazy for”.

    In this case, Mr. CEO works for a company called Summit Entertainment. If you go to and look up the twilight movies, go to “cast” and click “see more”, you will see a “producers” section. 2 or 3 of these people are guaranteed to be from Summit Entertainment, not sure which, but most likely some of the “executive-producers”. As a child I used to think credits were like signing your name on a piece of art. It is not so. Credits are a business record of who has accomplished what. Because blockbusters are not pieces of art, but business accomplishments.

    Now for a short example I can relate to (I haven’t seen Twilight; refuse to give that company any more money than you folks already have).

    I am putting ALL of my effort into not raging right now. I almost teared the first time. All the way thru it has a powerful story, good storytelling, good cinematics, good use of music, well placed cuts, a strong buildup to a climax… Then “PANTENE” pops up. (brb taking break so I dont rage).

    It’s part of this damn system. Go to school, get a job, go to work. This is how you are productive. Come home, turn off your mind (dont relax or float down stream, that would actually fix the problem, instead…) turn on the TV or go watch a movie. Let some douchebag do your thinking for you, it’s only $19.99 a month… (or $9.00 for a movie).

    And sorry, but even the “artists” behind Desperate Housewives, Survivor, and American Idol, (etc.) are making money from you watching. If you stopped watching, the show wouldn’t get money from the network. Ah, the network. When you watch TV, every single program, every moment that is not a commercial, the timing between programs and commercials, the timing of the programs and commercials themselves, etc., etc., etc., is an attempt to convince you that you would rather watch FOX than ABC, Comedy Central rather than Adult Swim, Discovery rather than National Geographic.

    And the worst part of all… is you, populus earth, are convinced that this is acceptable, and that you DESERVE this. You deserve to sit down and stop thinking, after all, you did your job. You did what your boss told you, he did what his boss told him. But when it all trickles down, there are still serious decisions to be made. And you, the sheep, have effectively turned your mind off and are ready for the media to explain what’s going on. STOP IT! You know what’s going on… For example: we are using too much oil. Shits spillin. So how do we fix it? CEO approves oil cap!!… …Epic fail.

    The problem starts with YOU, ex-sheep (you referring to all of us, myself included, but it is up to our individual efforts, so you can only worry about yourself). What if we just stopped using so much damn gas? Hell, if we stopped watching TV with all of our free time, we could save up, convert an electric car, and install some solar panels to charge it. But you don’t consider that option, you are too distracted deciding between Chevron and Tesoro. And believing you deserve to watch television programs til bedtime. The problem is we are using too much oil. Not that we aren’t good enough at drilling for it (we have depleted over half of the earth’s supply of oil, since we humans started drilling). But if we cut back on oil, BP loses money, so they use the media to tell you the best solution is fixing the spill, more responsible drilling, better drills, etc. No, the solution is less drills. And BP does not want you to realize it.

    Humbly, I ask you not to perpetuate this chain of greed fueled by stupidity.

    All I ask is that you take some time away from your day and spend some time with YOURSELF. Ask yourself if you are happy with your life; the world; etc. Ask yourself why. And really let your answers reveal themselves. Do not try to quickly find the answer so you can move on. That is the way of the businessman: get it done quickly, move on. NO! For once do not rush yourself. Ask yourself how you are doing and let it take as long as it takes for you to come to an answer. When you clear your mind you are aware of the bigger picture. When you are focused on a task or particular subject your mind loses focus on the rest (ie, when you focus on what TV tells you to, so the government can pull strings behind your back). Ask yourself whatever it is you feel like asking yourself, but ask YOURSELF and not the media. I think you will realize we are doing things all wrong with this whole corporate economics thing.

    1. More like reading fail. You are a slave to media companies. Freedom is being censored. People are becoming lazier, allowing companies to grow stronger and make greed-based decisions on a larger scale. It is fucking us. We need to do something about it.

      Just because you don’t feel like reading doesn’t mean you need to talk shit to people that want to make a difference.

    2. I had to stop at “sexy men?โ€ฆ”. Fucking boring. So I will remember you as a boring man who likes “sexy men”. Homo.

    3. I don’t know, what the fuck else sells it? Vampires and sexy male actors right? I’m not gay but as far as I understand most of the Twilight hype centers around Edward vs. Jacob. And yes, as a man I am not afraid to use the term “sexy men”. That does not speak of my sexuality, I am simply willing to see things as they are, I am not blinded by homophobia. You blind thoughtless crowd-following mother fucker.

    4. Also congratulations, if you stopped at “sexy men” you read ONE sentence and got distracted. You are the very sheep that I speak of in my post. I know it’s long, and most things on the internet aren’t worth reading. So your responses are perfectly expected. But it is important shit, and maybe one person might take it seriously. And I don’t give a fuck what the rest of you say, we’re all in this life together, sooner or later you will have to realize what is happening in the world. Some of us are willing to take action sooner, I am posting for these people.

    5. I am on the same grounds as you are there Steven, I dont have much time to write as much but I did take the time to read it and yes, people are getting lazier, perhaps its te food they eat or the water they drink, everything nowadays has chemicals that produces apathy and laziness in them. The day will come when finacialy the whole system will crash (monetary) and WW3 will break out, as long as you feed into the system, it is inevitable. The first revolution starts from within.

    6. How about the fact that this is Epic Fail. You wanna preach or make a statement about something, feel free to blast it in real life. Using this site to validate your point of view is pathetic. We come here to laugh and joke, not talk about how snug our tampons fit. Btw, the government monitors this site Steven, better get that tinfoil hat ready.

    7. i knew you were a loser, i didnt even feel like reading your long comment, call me lazy but if you can spend and hour typing this over a picture of a guy standing in front of a poster, you are a FAIL yourself.

    8. I guess you really don’t understand that this is not the place to post a full page rant on corporate interest and the media. A piece of text which is apart from being totally out of place also horribly written. You veer off into every direction without anymore sense of structure or rationality than the ramblings of a schizo with paranoia. Don’t get me wrong, I actually agree with some off you points. I just can’t stand it when some smug asshole has to smack everybody who didn’t ask for it in the face with his opinion. Write a fucking blog. And if you do, learn how to write.

    9. I guess you don’t understand this is the internet. If you don’t want to read it, don’t. I agree with you all on this probably not being the most appropriate place to write this, and that the rhetoric of the article is still far short of perfect. But as I said, this is the internet, if my opinion is somewhat relevant to the subject, what’s stopping me from posting a draft? Personally I would rather read a long intelligent comment, than a short thoghtless insult. But what are you going to do? It’s the internet.

    10. @jroc I think we as individuals are all to blame. It is the collective result of our decisions that makes everything in the world what it is. You have a choice. When you choose to be lazy in all that you do; instead of for example buying locally grown food and cooking it yourself, not driving if you dont have to, super bonus points for driving anything other than gas, etc.; it changes which earth resources were consumed, how they were cosumed, etc. So when you stop by McDonalds because you are too lazy to cook a meal, you feed a massive corporation whos leader (CEO) only cares to make more money. So he will cut as many corners as he can get away with, to make the most money. And too many Americans cut as many corners as they can, to be lazy. They say, “Because I have specialized and become a (insert job), I do not need to care about where my food comes, or what resources I am consuming. It doesn’t matter where this gas came from (that I consume gallons of, daily). No, I paid the guys as Tesoro (who bought it from BP) so everything is under control. Now shut up Steven, I want to go back to being lazy.”

    11. Steven, seriously, whatever you’re smoking, cut us in. You’re talking government and corporate conspiracies. Watch out, that black car has been outside your mom’s house for a while. You should be safe in her basement though.

    12. What does the computer you use to write this nonsense run on?
      Do you know where we get electricity?
      Oil for the most part.
      So put you money where your dick suckers are and do us a favor.
      Never turn on your computer again.
      Saves oil and we never get subjected to your ramblings.

    13. Do you know why we get our electricity from oil? Because that is what there is infrastructure for. Since such a large majority of the market is willing to just go with whatever company offers them the cheapest deal, oil makes almost all of the sales, and the alternatives struggle because most people insist on doing the laziest/cheapest method. We need to change the way we think about daily life.

      @Tex, that second half was very productive. You used a dick sucking metaphor to reference my mouth, which you said I should shut, and that I don’t deserve to use the internet. You are being amazingly selfish, and rude. Do you log onto the internet just to bring people down? Why? Is there something wrong with your life? Is there something you are unhappy about? I think a lot of us feel the same way. And I see that most of it is caused by this very attitude, Tex.

      Your laziness to consider my opinion makes it impossible for us to cooperate. And your rudeness, honestly, doesn’t feel good. There are things taking place in the world that are making us fall apart as a human race. If we spend our time hating random people on the internet, like you just did, we won’t even realize bills that are being passed that takes away our freedom. You know the 4th amendment, freedom of speech? It’s set in the consitution, so you would think it’s safe right?
      A treaty like ACTA is international, so if we sign to a international treaty it takes priority to the consitution. ACTA will take away your freedom of speech. You won’t even be able to post hate comments to random strangers.

    14. @Chaotic, no conspiracies, it’s just a lack of morality at the core of being human. This whole freedom thing hasn’t been around forever, so we can’t act like we were born with the ability to co-exist and not fuck up. In fact, we are fucking up. We have existed in slavery for millenia, so of course, we hated, we were jealous, we fought, we killed each other; but now that we are free of it (hopefully), we need to learn how to co-exist without slavery. We need to learn to stop bashing each other. Especially if my article was too long, that proves the only reason you are posting is because it makes you feel good to bash me. “I made that guy feel like shit, and I don’t even know what he was talking about, fuck yeah!”

      People are each unique. Some more full of hate than others. And those full of anger need to speak up so we can talk things out.

    15. P.S. Just smoke stuff that was grown by someone who loves to grow, not someone who’s trying to make money.

    16. As stated before, this is the Internet. If you get offended by someone over the Internet, you’re pathetic. It’s time to get off or stick to your maple story game. I’m not going to read much of anything you write because I already know you’re more one-sided than Michael Moore. “Oil, electricity and government slaves”. Boo hoo, need a tampon to stop those bloody tears? You want the entire human race to work together to end all of the hate… But only if everyone agrees with you… Are you Michael Moore’s emo hippie lover? “*Crying* I just want peace and love *cries hard* for everyone and to stop CEOs *crying even harder* by posting on a fa-fa-fai-fail s-s-s-site” (That’s you, I quoted you from your YouTube video). Long comments are fun, especially when it’s bashing.

    17. Nobody hates you tool.
      We’re annoyed by you.
      You sound like someone with no idea how the real world works. Let me guess, you live at home with mommy and daddy or live in a dorm on mommy and daddy’s dime.
      I know you wish we could all live in tree houses and spend all day frolicking in the meadow picking strawberries for our dinner, but that’s not realistic.
      Sometimes it’s nice to be mindlessly entertained.
      So what if a chick gets stiff nipples from watching twilight. Most of us are so busy that it’s nice to sit back tune out and turn off. That doesn’t make you lazy. Not everything has to be an intellectual challenge.
      You are obviously not busy at all. I’m sure masturbating all day in your mothers basement gives you plenty of time to think about how superior you are to us lesser lifeforms.
      My advice to you, go find a wet hole to stick your junk in and lighten up.

    18. Steven i give you props for this post (doesn’t really connect with the fail), but i feel you on this. You are also forgetting that even if we did give the TV a break some people still are about themselves and only for themselves. And the “artists” you speak of are not true artists. as an artist, i think if you had to go to school to learn a skill then you are not truly one. this is why there is a difference between talent and skill. admittedly i got confused at you went on a tangent but i got the message tho. I agree with you but we as people are so far gone from our roots there is no going back. Some may try but few succeed. if some how electricity became non existent, damn near everyone on earth would shit bricks. then the basement moles would have to come out in daylight and troll in person. that would be a very entertaining day.

    19. Dyquen, how would the basement moles troll if they didn’t have the anonymity of the web? They can’t hide behind a avi or jump to another place when they get flamed….wait, why don’t we meet up with some popcorn and watch the freaks get flamed?

    20. Can someone summarize these posts cause I’d kinda like to know wtf is going on without sifting through the whining and trolling.

    21. Dear Steven,
      Please find another website other than this one to do your freshman college English report.
      Love Gruesome.

    22. i mean honestly u preety much nail everything thats wrong with our society but at the same time its really not changing anything is it…we can turn off that tube but in the end they will just find away to get us in the end…i mean think about it they sale sex for god sakes and brain wash us into thinking every other person is equal to us… AS LONG AS THEY R defined as beutiful in there own eyes…just sayin this sight is an epic fail, but its still funny as hell

    23. I just wanted to see a vampire movie but now I’m going to kill my family. Thanks, Steve and the Guys!

  6. idk whats worse the edward picture or the fall out boy cd poster at the very bottom next to his cool ass hoodie

  7. wow homie u might as well put that barrel under your chin and pull the trigger kid cuz richard simions is reppin higher street cred than you faggot…

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    “Watch Twilight or mr.Negro-Mexican shoots you!”

    What I mean actually is that it sucks because there are vampires in it rite? Awesome movie! Yeah really! Just dont shoot me ๐Ÿ˜€

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