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  1. Punishment for the parents: Force them to drink gas for 5 yrs. Either we’ll have 3 Optimus Primes in our world or 3 more brain dead mindless drones. Even they won’t listen to Steven having his period fits.

    1. @ Chaotic Theory

      Maybe you should use your search engine as well. A boy would have died long before 5 years because of “Gasoline Posioning.” Turns out too much of the stuff can kill you, and if (in theory) it was being drank over a duration of 5 years, the little boy would have definately died without medical treatment, as would the parents.

    2. Speaking of, you obviously never been in the slums or part of the city with all the addicts. I’ve seen people drinking gas, lighter fluid, Lysol, WD-40, and cleaning products you’d find under the sink to get high/drunk. Fuck, I’ve even seen people huffing lighter fluid till they passed out. Just because you drink something that’s poisonous, doesn’t mean you’ll die instantly.

    3. @ Speaking of:
      Maybe you should use a search engine to research the effects of small dosages of gasoline over long periods of time before you try to act like you know what you’re talking about. Think you’ve been drinking too much gas…

    4. HeartbreakPrincess

      CORRECT… but that doesnt mean you wont die, although it can take a while.

      I presume most of you drink alcohol at least a few times a month… technically alcohol is poison, thats why you get crazy and also why you get hangovers, its a poison but not THAT dangerous.

      Can kill, not from DEAD braincells but too many weakened ones.

      2 units at 50% is same as 1 unit at 100.

  2. His cheap ass parents probably bought him the 87 octane so they could afford their kerosene habit. Children first! Mine get premium grade AND STP additive!

  3. Isn’t gasoline corrosive in a way? how the hell is he drinking it for 5 years and not have a hole in his gut? and if not then this still fails cuz the parents drink kerosene. he’s trying to be Optimus Prime, while mommy and daddy want to be the human torch.

    1. The same way people drink paint stripper, it slowly tears everything down, some people’s bodies get used to it.

    2. There’s a dude in India i think that eats screws and tacks and even supposedly dismantled and ate a motorcycle. Different peoples bodies can handle different things.

  4. aptimus doesnt drink gasoline, that makes no sence, he runs off energon, lol that kid deserves the brain damage haha, uninformed prick

  5. Uh, how can this be? They still use leaded gasoline in Shanghai? Lots of places have been using unleaded gasoline for a long time. Apparently, not in Shanghai.

    1. Fail goes to wtf. Gas isnt totally lead-free. Unleaded means there is less lead in it, not no lead at all.

  6. Wasn’t Optimus Prime a semi. Shouldn’t that kid have been drinking diesel. That way instead of some silly brain damage, it’s just a simple case of death.

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