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  1. You can block my message how many times you want, you still fail epically, because this pic is not a fail, it’s a simple sunburn, not a fake or artificial tan.

    1. I was gonna reply the same thing. Seems more like a natural tan then what those orange greaseballs run around sporting.

    1. No they just dont want to blind folks when they go into sunlight anymore. ever went out in the midday sun with a fresh pair of white airforce1’s on? them buggers are bright. same effect…

    2. i heard that. they swear up and down they dont but WE know the truth. the evidence is everywhere

  2. She would have been a cutey without the shit stain. tho im guessing if she was too lazy to tan the right way, she might me to lazy to suck dick the right way or make me a proper dinner. you can get away with sandwiches for only so long.

  3. What is wrong with her tan? Maybe if the dude wasn’t so pale it wouldn’t look so bad. I think a girl with a dark tan is sexy! I would say the fail would be his pale geeky ass get off the computer and get some vitamin D!

  4. She has obviously just participated in a bodybuilding figure competition. The darker the tan, the better the muscles appear. The rhinestone bikini top give it away…

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