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    1. What is she covered in? Cooking Oil ? or is that just excess grease from all the consumed chicken. lol

    2. when you get a tatoo.. they put something thatlooks greasy on it.. so it dont get infected.. i dont remeber what it is…

    3. If you view Happy Camper comment as a racist one it’s only cause your focusing on her skin color. He/she didn’t say anything about blacks loving chicken, he/she was simply explaining what might be the greasy looking stuff on her back, which I agree. -.-

  1. how can this possibly be a fail if you can’t even tell what that tattoo’s supposed to represent?
    In fact this could also be a bad case of melanoma…

    1. Your right. It doesnt really look like a tattoo but more of severe skin condition. Now it’s still a fail for what she was wearing however the “tat” shouldnt be apart of it.

  2. How can you go into public like dressed like that? I use to think this was a race issue. But the more attention I give to it, the more I realize it’s a socio-economic issue. Lower income people could dress appropriately, but don’t. Why?

    1. Also, I am sure that is the way her parents dressed and all of her friends and neighbors dress. When you surround yourself with stupid, you end up being stupid. People tend to mold to the people around them.

  3. How the fuck can people thinks they will be OK wearing this kind of clothes when they have FUCKING OVERWEIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN IT !! I need a cutter

  4. How could it be possible to fail this much at one time? Sometimes individuality needs to be scaled back a bit, you know you’re doing everything wrong when people have lost count on the amount of fail you have brought on.

  5. It looks like someone kicked her in the ass. The pants are a little shoved up her ass. Maybe it was raining out and that’s why she’s wet. That isn’t a tattoo is some sort of bed sore or something. It also looks like the Yellow “shirt” is inside out. Notice the tag. She has to be called on multiple fail violations.

  6. Socks with sandals is quite a fail for this multi-fail. Bitch, you are not the same size as your 14yr old daughter, so don’t steal her clothes! What the hell is that on her head, a wizard’s cap? Cut-off legging from denim pants?

  7. Just because you *can* squeeze your ass into the pants you wore 15 years and 85 fewer pounds ago doesn’t mean you *should*.

  8. That shirt is NOT supposed to be worn like that. Seriously…I refuse to dissect this photo anymore than I’ve already done.

  9. I agree that there is so much fail here, but she isn’t wet… She has two tattoos and the shininess is the vaseline/ointment/whatever the fuck ppl put on fresh tattoos… and I’m guessing that’s why her shirt is rolled up as well. That being said, being fat is a FAIL because it’s not healthy and it looks disgusting!

  10. I think those are just fake tattoos. They have that gleam like she just slapped them on before walking to the store…

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