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    1. What is she covered in? Cooking Oil ? or is that just excess grease from all the consumed chicken. lol

    2. when you get a tatoo.. they put something thatlooks greasy on it.. so it dont get infected.. i dont remeber what it is…

    3. If you view Happy Camper comment as a racist one it’s only cause your focusing on her skin color. He/she didn’t say anything about blacks loving chicken, he/she was simply explaining what might be the greasy looking stuff on her back, which I agree. -.-

  1. how can this possibly be a fail if you can’t even tell what that tattoo’s supposed to represent?
    In fact this could also be a bad case of melanoma…

    1. Your right. It doesnt really look like a tattoo but more of severe skin condition. Now it’s still a fail for what she was wearing however the “tat” shouldnt be apart of it.

  2. How can you go into public like dressed like that? I use to think this was a race issue. But the more attention I give to it, the more I realize it’s a socio-economic issue. Lower income people could dress appropriately, but don’t. Why?

    1. Also, I am sure that is the way her parents dressed and all of her friends and neighbors dress. When you surround yourself with stupid, you end up being stupid. People tend to mold to the people around them.

  3. How the fuck can people thinks they will be OK wearing this kind of clothes when they have FUCKING OVERWEIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN IT !! I need a cutter