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    1. Its actually a game, where 3 kid’s positions one behind each other in a row and some other 3 kid’s run and jump on the firsts group’s back and try to collapse then lol.
      Oh and first guy on the left is neutral and hi’s the pillow.

  1. There is no excuse for “accidentally making the statue look sexual” with this one. How can it be viewed any other way? What are the kids supposed to be doing? I have never heard of any game where you hide your heads in each others asses. What about you smif and nuggz? Have you played this game before?

    1. This is an old game which was very common amidst children in our country (Turkey) and I wouldn’t contradict you if you were to call it stupid or anything. In Turkish, it’s called “Uzun Eşek” (lit.”Long Ass(donkey)”). Players form two teams: One for the ass (those poor guys in the middle) and the other to jump on (not hump) the ass. Goal is to collapse the ass.

    2. Well I guess it is an actual game which explains the statue. My only problem with this game is that you put your heads right on someones junk to play it. Even if you are a little kid, that is still very strange.

    3. Yup. Kids wouldn’t mind this, though. But in the case of teens, they usually end up fighting.

  2. Ok the kid on the right looks like he’s bout to do a suplex/pedigree/or tombstone… the kid on the left looks like he’s playing leap frog. ads the middle kid and put them all together in a head lock under ass, this looks gay… intentionally gay

  3. Ha, ha, it’s actually an innocent game, it used to be played in Romania and maybe elsewhere. One kid, sort of a referee, stands with his back against a tree, and the others align like in a rugby bunch. The others jump on their backs until the pack collapses. I guess the team that gets the most players on top wins.
    :)) It’s quite fun and has nothing sexual.
    The name of the game in Romanian is “buttermilk”… don’t ask me why.
    The statue is very funny!

  4. why would they even have a statue of that game in the first place? i mean seriously wtf? c’mon man thats a waste of money.

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